Why innovate? We are committed to printing and manufacturing the best quality metal packaging in the USA. Our benchmark for excellence is unparalleled. We are in this for the long-haul and after more than 80 year, continue to be a leader among global competitors. We are driven by cost containment and the liberation of our exceptional work force to do the things that demand their many talents.


Decades ago, we believed that we could design, pre-flight, make plates and print better and faster than our vendors could do it for us. As a growing can manufacturer, we set a goal to bring as many processes in-house as possible. This has enabled us to control the quality and timing of every decorative tin or industrial can project, from start to finish. Our principled, hands-on management has earned the trust of global and national brand managers.


We compete with ourselves. Our goal is to out-perform the Independent Can that we were last week, last month and last year. Our experienced and well-trained staff at all levels, share interest and effort in the completion of every successful order and project. There are no “order takers” at Independent Can. A knowledgeable packaging specialist answers the phone. Cross-training and information-sharing technology enables responsiveness that is impressive.