Specialty Packaging with Custom Features

Independent Can has the most diverse offering of domestic Stock and Custom specialty packaging with decorative and industrial applications.

Specialty Decorative Tins for Dry Food and Beverages

When we say “specialty packaging”, the word “specialty” covers much more than just beautiful custom printing. A tin can be customize with graphics, special finishes, perforations, embossing and unique closures. Our diverse offering includes a number of hermetic, air-tight packages, with a variety of ends that are seamed on after fulfillment.  Decorative metal snap covers add to the collectibility of a hermetic package for coffee, nuts and other dry foods.  This custom metal accent can be used instead of a plastic closure after the original seal is broken.

We supply specialty packaging for many in the coffee, powdered beverage and supplements, milk powder and peanut industry. These special function tins are perfect packaging for dry, powdered and semi-moist food and beverages.  Our closures include easy open ends, pull tabs, plug and ring closures and more.


Industrial Tins

Our industrial tins include options for tear strip and EZ open closures.  An air-tight can for welding electrodes protects the welding rod flux from moisture.  Learn more.  Ask about our special packaging for tobacco products, chemicals and filters.


Peel Off with Snap Cover  Coffee Can with, Valve End and Snap Cover  Plug Foil Closures  EZ Open