Lighter Fluid Cans – Fluid Containment Packaging

Independent Can is the premier manufacturer of fluid containment cans, primarily used by the lighter fluid industry.  Our cans are made with the latest technology.  Recent investments include full sheet print inspection and new high-speed automated equipment.

Our fluid containment cans have decorative tin customization options including printing and embossment. Many of our customers take advantage of embossment for a tactile warning for flammable contents.  We are the largest manufacturer of this kind of can in the country. Our rigorous pressure testing and in-line camera inspection make us the trusted source for this product.  Cans with minor defects in any of the seams or with flaws in the graphics are automatically removed from the production line by the inspection equipment.

Available in 4 oz and 12 oz capacity these cans feature:

  • Hermetic Sealing
  • Leak and vapor-proof seams
  • Welded Side Seams
  • Embossed Flammability Warnings

Many of the special features contribute to shelf stability and safety of our lighter fluid cans. Our ability to print in-house enables not only decorative branding but clearly print detailed warning information and instructions.

We sell this can responsibly and request a small quantity of the product to be contained for in-house testing.  Steel, having an infinite life-cycle, is a more sustainable package than plastic alternatives.  Our lighter fluid cans are made from tin-plated steel.

Independent Can is staffed with selected packaging professionals, dedication to this type of product.  Please call our sales office for more information.


Lighter Fluid Cans         embossing