New High-Speed Thermal Coater  -  Lithography Plant (Fall 2011)

New High-Speed Thermal Coater – Lithography Plant (Fall 2011)

Why innovate? We are committed to printing and manufacturing the best quality metal packaging in the world. Our benchmark for excellence is unparalleled. We are in this for the long-haul and after more than 80 years, continue to be a leader among global competitors. We are driven by containing costs and the desire to free up our exceptional work force to do the things that demand their many talents.

Being self-financed, Independent Can did not have to wait until the banks began to lend again in order to make important investments in the latest pre-press, printing and manufacturing technology.  We could list all of our equipment and capabilities, but the important thing to note is the benefit to our customers.   We are a lean, efficient and eco-friendly operation, producing consistent exceptional quality and providing superior service.

Technological advancements allow us to free up our creative and skilled employees to contribute their ideas for improvement and problem-solving in all departments and at all levels. Innovation keeps us competitive by increasing thru-put and improving delivery time.  Innovation for ergonomics minimizes risk of injury.

Customers change what we do and drive our investments. We add capabilities, expand our facilities and kick up dust, with the goal in mind of being the best at what we do.

New Eco-Oven and Air Float Stacker

New Eco-Oven and Air Float Stacker

We are in a global market and realize that our customers prefer the certainty that comes with the purchase of US-made goods and services. The cost of unknowns such as transportation, warehousing, delays and political volatility has made American manufacturing a preferred choice.  Our nation-wide distributor network, our three strategically located manufacturing plants and our California-based distribution, enables us to better serve the US and the world.

As customers look to overseas sources for packaging, they may not realize that most of their contacts are brokers.  A broker, by definition, is not an expert on the packaging that is being offered.  This can lead to problems in the development and purchasing process as well as logistics.  This can result in delays and hidden costs.  Whether customers are ordering a domestically made or imported tin package it makes sense to work with experts in printing and can manufacturing for more close to 85 years.

We have become the logistics experts for our customers working with our global partners to compliment our product line.  Through this extension we can offer intricate features that are difficult to automate as well as fulfillment.