Specialty Metal Closures – Caps, Plugs and Ends

In addition to a wide variety of specialty tins, we manufacture metal components and closures. We have the capability to design and engineer in-house as well as a large selection of existing tooling.  Metal closures serve an important function but they can also be an eye-catching addition to your package.  Custom printing, color coating and embossing can make a cap or plug into a decorative accent.  We offer you a structurally sound and carefully crafted closure, backed by our performance and service.

Metal closures for hermetic sealing of coffee cans, peanut tins, powdered or semi-moist foods and tobacco products include:

  • Valve Ends
  • Pull Tab
  • Safe Seal
  • Plug Foil
  • EZ Open

We manufacture metal components, metal caps, plugs and closures that can be used with composite cans. Specials seals and combination materials are also available with or without decoration and embossing.  Fine detail such as printed instructions can be clearly read in the smallest size. Independent can makes a unique metal over cap and is a supplier of plastic over caps for hermetic tins once the original seal is broken. We can also provide bank slots and perforations.

metal plug

Embossed Metal Plug

Continuous Thread Caps

Continuous Thread Caps