Metal Plugs and Ends for Hermetic and Composite Cans

We offer a variety of plugs and ends for our hermetic cans. These ends are seamed on after fulfillment. Our line features pull tab, EZ open, valve ends, and plug foil ends. We’d be happy to put you in contact with a reputable supplier of the seaming equipment. These ends allow for an air-tight package that can be resealed and adds shelf appeal. Products such as peanuts, coffee, powders or semi-moist products do well with these can and closure combinations. These ends can also be used for tobacco products. Our packaging specialists can guide you to the perfect closure for your product.

We also manufacture metal plugs and ends for composite cans. Our decorative plug ends are great for tall cookie canisters, cosmetic containers and and decorative liquor packaging. They can be color coated, printed and embossed.

___________________________Peel Off with Valve                                    Easy Open


___________________________Peel Off                                      Plug Foil End

__________________________composite can ends                                    metal plug