Window Lids

Window Lids for Platinum Seamless and Locked Seam Tins

In our stock line of seamless and locked-seam tins, we offer optional clear window lids in our stock platinum items.  The option for window lids allows the beauty of the product to show through without having to use a disposable package. The high-end look and shelf-appeal of a decorative tin, with the beauty and color of your product showing through, is a winning combination.

Independent Can features a wide variety of tins that are available with crystal clear, window lids.  Many of our most popular cookie tins and seamless tins are available from stock.  Shape tins can be special-ordered with window lids.  The beauty of the product can show through, whether it is food varieties, colorful spices, scented candles or cosmetic assortment. Gift sets and samplers show well in a tin with a clear lid.

We can also custom coat or print the tin and offer a printed lid with your logo.  On a custom window lid, the window size and shape can vary.   Call our sales office for more information.

window lids