Integrated Prepress

The printing operation housed in the Independent Can headquarters in Belcamp includes our art and prepress creative team. We do it all under one roof.  After years of purchasing separation and plates from outside sources, we realized that relying on the timeframes and quality that was acceptable to others was not acceptable to us. We believed that we could design, pre-flight, make plates and print better and faster than our vendors could do for us. As a growing can manufacturer, we set a goal to bring as many processes in-house as possible.

Our fully integrated Prepress and Art Department uses the latest Kodak Proofing System and Trendsetter CTP plate making system.  This equipment makes it possible for our in-house creative team to not only supply art services but also take a design from computer concept to plate.  Our latest investment in our workflow system allows our team of experienced artists to work directly from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files without translation.  Every initiative that we take to add or upgrade our technology and invest in the advanced training of our creative team, results in lead-time reduction while also improving the outcome.

Our prepress equipment is “fingerprinted” to all of our printing lines so that what is represented in our proofs can be achieved on press.  Specifically design equipment for printing on metal, along with specialists trained to work with this technology puts your project in the hands of the experts.


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