Package Design and DevelopmentPackage Design

Whether there is an existing package in need of an exciting new look or a plan to take a new product to market, we can provide design development assistance for your custom tin program.  In addition to our in-house creative team we offer access to renowned, licensed and independent artists.  Add a decorative tin to your existing offering  as a special promotion, limited edition or product line extension.

Independent Can offers a vast array of decorative tin sizes and shapes to showcase your product. Once a shape and size is selected we will guide our customers from concept to art development.  Our state of the art technology makes it possible for our team to provide art services but also take a design from computer concept to printing plate.

A decorative tin can enhance an existing product line.  Our ability to color match and print fine detail with near-photo quality enables us to duplicate images, textures and other effects for consistency in branded products.

Whether we are working with a customer’s design or ours we welcome the opportunity to develop an attention-grabbing custom tin that will stand out in the marketplace.  If you are unsure how to enhance your brand’s image, we can show you how reflectivity, embossing or special finishes could give your package a “wow” factor.