Excellence in Metal Packaging since 1929

Independent Can has focused on excellence in can making for more than 80 years. We are know, world-wide, for our stability, quality and integrity, but we sometimes wonder if customers recognize our capacity for cutting-edge innovation. When companies are looking for a decorative package that “speaks” for their business, it should be comforting to know that they are putting their project in the hands of experts in printing and manufacturing.

We do not strive to be the largest can company, but the best. We can’t let “bigger” put distance between us and hands-on care of our customers. We have stayed in step with changing market demands without following trendy fads. Financial integrity, experience and vision have enabled continuous investment and innovation to better serve our customers. Make no mistake, we are growing; but growing in a way that remains improvement-driven and customer-focused.

Founded in 1929, Independent Can is a world leader in the manufacturing of specialty metal packaging and metal lithography. Privately held and managed by its principals, we are an American manufacturer with a long history of success. Our growth, both internally and through acquisition, has allowed us to bring new capabilities and products to market. This growth has been achieved without adding layers of bureaucracy that impede responsiveness.

Babysitting projects is not in your job description.

We all find ourselves doing more with less and without the time or desire know everyone else’s job. Where there is trust, there is speed. Working with a company that proactively communicates in the customer’s best interest and controls the process from start to finish takes that task of babysitting out of the equation.